What's new?

Presently, we have several projects on board. The two major projects
The 20,000 square feet Mosque Addition (School) in Rochester, New
York. Additionally,  we are providing Construction Management for this
project. The construction of this Mosque is approximately 2/3 complete.
The second major project is the Mosque in Troy, New York. This project is
43000 Square Feet, and contains the Mosque, School and large
Multi-Purpose area. Presently we are in the Contract Documents phase.
We are hoping to complete the Bidding Documents (drawings &
Specifications)  by late Fall.
Additionally, we are in the design phase of a 4000 Square Feet "Green"
Residence in Victoria Canada.
We provide a complete Professional and Economical Design
& Build services with the environment in mind.

We are Here to Serve You.

GRH provides full service Professional Architectural,
Engineering, Construction Management & Construction

At GRH our goal is to provide a Safe & Healthy,   building
environment that is economical and  aesthetically pleasant.